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PostSubject: THE GREATEST PUBLIC SERVERS   Sat Feb 22, 2014 3:27 am

Hello guys, there is a list of servers which i like the most! Because of the fact we have been banned on HBC, there are even better servers to play so...

[!!!]Hirntot, 6 Map, IP:, 0/24 - really nice server where we often play together, basic maps

[!!!]Hirnlos, 10 Map, IP:, 0/24 - the similar server like Hirntot just with the maps from scrims such as Supply, Bremen, etc.

NBS #1 | Public ETPro, IP:, 0/20 - the server with Stopwatch mode, often full, quite harder to play compare to the rest of public servers

NBS #2 | Public ETPro, IP:, 0/20 - secondary server to NBS #1, often empty but you can play there too if the NBS #1 is full

[fP].:Demolition_Centre_Too:., IP:, 0/32 - very old server with basic maps and a big capacity, a lot of fun playing fops Very Happy

TwA/War style server', IP:, 0/20 - very new but really good server, good scrim maps and good players as well, i recommend it!

[ N e X u S ] ET - 03 - [ETPro 3.2.6], IP:, 0/64 - the biggest capacity for players, basic maps, very old server with a long history

{TE666} Clan Euro, IP:, 0/20 - olala, this server was located on version 2.56, when i started to play ET, after a few years they moved to 2.6b, a lot of guys who play there are my old friends (it was the times when i established B&W) and the campaign here is very amusing. The capacity for 20 players is ideal so feel free to join this server too sometimes!

~~~Q|ETPRO [3.2.6], IP:, 0/30 - quite new server, often empty but with a good new maps, it is worthy to try it

As you can see, there are lot of servers when we can't play on HBC, so don't be sad and start rolling on these ones!

P.S. This topic can be modified or you can also post your favorite servers!

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